About Apostle Winston

Founder at Hindustan Fellowship Ministries

Prophet, Pastor, Mentor, Teacher, Amazing Man of God with a vigilant vision of winning souls and Christ’s Blood Washed India from the last 20 years.

I have been Traveling across India and Internationally Carrying this Vision

Jesus is Lord. We Hindustan Fellowship Ministries conduct prayer all over India throughout the year. Be the part of our vision and let this nation be washed with the blood of Jesus. Support us in our vision lets make it happen as the Lord that works within me and all of us make it possible. All the videos that are posted on YouTube are the sermons that you won’t find anywhere else on the internet. I have attached the Links for all the Social Media Profiles

Listen and be blessed. God Bless You all.

The Man of Healing

The man who walked in the Revelation of God, A man of purpose, vision, strength, and character, with a vision of “Christ’s Blood Washed India”

Thank you for Visiting Call on +91-9324925878 for 24×7 Prayers

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